Woodbury Storage Unit



  • Leather chair and ottoman. White/cream leather. Chair is 42 wide, 42 deep, 35 high. Ottoman is 20 high, 22 wide, 24 deep. Great TV watching chair. Or maybe read a book if you’re ambitious.
  • Small dining table and two chairs from Schniederman’s. Relatively new and lightly used. Seems new in appearance. This is really nice, not real big. Great for two people like in a little small nook in your house. 36 inches round. 2 chairs. Solid wood, well built.
  • Dresser from Slumberland. This is so new you can still smell the stain on the wood. Its in practically new shape. 52 high by 19 deep by 60 wide. Nice rollers on the drawers. Not a bad size for a big TV in the bedroom. Not too tall, not to low, wide enough for something pretty big and still have room for other things.
  • Small end table from Costco with outlets/charging. Kind of a dark cherry stain. Small scratch on the top from storage. 25 high, by 18 deep, by 14 wide. There’s a cool flip out panel on the back with two USB chargers and two AC outlets. So you can plug in a lamp for the top, and also charge up the computer and a phone and a something else.
  • Two small stools. Not really bar-stool hight. Think of them as two “temporary chairs” or something.
  • TV stand, glass. 23 high x 20 deep x 48 wide.
  • TV stand, particle board. 21 high x 16 deep x 41 wide.
  • One small end table from Target
  • Folding camp chair with drink holder.
  • Ladder style book shelf, the shelfs at the top are smaller than the shelves on the bottom. Kind of looks like it’s leaning against the wall. 6 feet tall by 30 wide by 21 deep (on bottom).


  • LG TV, ditto. 43 inches
  • Hoover upright vacuum cleaner
  • Kurig Coffee Maker
  • Toaster Oven, Black & Decker, already loaded with toast crumbs
  • Some extension cords, 3 surge protector style. Two indoor TV antennas for someone trying to pick up local broadcasts (worked well, but your-milage-may-vary depending on location, building construction, direction your antenna faces, etc. etc. etc. A bunch of ethernet cables.
  • A TiVo series 3 box.

Kitchen Things

  • Pasta/steamer pot (big pot with an insert for steaming, and an insert for straining. So, useful for veggies, or for pasta. Or, just a big pot for whatever. Smaller pot with steamer insert. Non-stick frying pan. Pyrex dish for backing. Measuring cups.
  • Cast Iron Grill Pan. Its pretty cool, you can cook a whole meal in a single pan
  • Wine Glasses, Martini Glasses, and other glassware
  • Plates/dishes
  • Silverware
  • Barware (shaker, strainer, etc.)
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cooking knives
  • Wastebasket with foot switch for the lid
  • Kitchen towels/rags
  • A big box of hangers (I took out the wire ones, they’re terrible).
  • Bathroom things
  • Shower curtain
  • Shower caddy
  • Towels, bath mat
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Woven hamper from Target
  • Random cleaning things, buckets, swiffer, heavy duty car ice scraper


  • Guitar stand, single guitar tube style with guard
  • Desktop music stand, great with a keyboard you’re using on a table/desk
  • Christmas lights
  • Some cheap Target lamps. One is actually a nice blue glass one. A couple of LED desk lamps.
  • Air mattress, “king coil” California King size. Air pump built in. Out of box in a carrying pack (I couldn’t fold it back up enough to get into the box)
  • Memory Foam, 1.5 inch thick for Cal King mattress.
  • Bedspread, blanket for cal king size mattress. Dark blue jacquard bedspread it what my wife calls it.
  • Dark blue fleece blanket for cal king mattress.
  • Step ladder, two step

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