Restaurant: St. Boni’s Bistro

Restaurant: St Boni’s Bistro
Web Site:
Address: 8516 Kennedy Memorial Dr, Saint Bonifacius, MN 55375
Phone: (952) 446-1600

We were on a long drive through the Minnesota countryside, on our way to The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota (which is a story for another day). It was one of those stretches of rural highway without many places to stop except the occasional gas station. We were going to pop into a Subway when a work call interrupted us enough to bother looking at a map and seeing we were a few blocks off the beaten path from St. Boni’s Bistro.

This is not a place that is visible from the highway, back a block behind a park. However, well worth a stop. Its a small neighborhood place and has a little of everything. A wide variety of tea, coffee including a really nice nitro cold coffee, a varied menu, indoor and outdoor seating. Its clearly a hangout for the little town of Saint Bonifacius, which is one of those nice salt-of-the-earth towns that are all over the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

We hit it at late lunch time, so it was pretty quiet. Shrimp tacos were top notch, holding together to eat like a sandwich and not dripping with juice. A quinoa salad with chicken was a very healthy portion. Service was extremely helpful and friendly, the atmosphere was kitschy and fun.

A place that would be recommended no matter where it would be located. In its current location its a great find out in the country and worth a bit of a detour as you drive along.

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