Omni Graffle Stencil for Scrum Boards

Stencil SnapshotI was building some image files of scrum boards I’m using to help manage things, and wondered if there was something in Graffletopia for this.  Graffletopia is a fantastic resource for OmniGraffle users, and OmniGraffle is a great program for creating image files.  The simple description is that its a Visio-like drawing tool that uses a drag-and-drop stencil/template metaphor as its user interface.  I prefer it to Visio; its affordable and renders really sharply when pasted into other applications from its OS X platform.  And, Visio is not available unless you are running Microsoft Windows.

The stencil is simple; the “board” which lets you move tasks from left to right to show progress, and the “post-it notes” where you can write the task, along with a place for date and “owner” (or some other tag you find useful).  I used a couple different colors, some people like using colors for categorization, and I placed the background as a group and a distinct box in case someone wants more stages than the three simple ones I have.

Finished Image from Stencil

I was a little reluctant to post this to Graffletopia because of the trivial nature of the stencil.  However, I thought if you searched Graffletopic for “agile” or “scrum” something should come up.  Leave a comment or Email me if you have questions.

Scrum Board stencil